Passion for the sea and technological innovation are our identity. The brand Le Blu was born with the goal of revolutionizing the sensory experience during moments spent in the water. How? By using cutting-edge technologies and leveraging continuous research from the world of water sports, we create technologically advanced swimwear and accessories, unique pieces that combine glamorous experience with sports innovation.

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  • The History of the Brand LE BLU

    The History of the Brand LE BLU

    Over 40 years of experience in the beachwear industry, united by a common goal: revolutionizing the sensory experience in the water.

  • LE BLU-Tec

    LE BLU-Tec

    It is the secret weapon of every Le Blu swimsuit, the technology from which it all began. Designed in Italy, they adapt to you to provide unparalleled comfort in the water, combining a technical approach with glamour, quick-drying shapes and materials, treatments, and colors in an impeccable Italian style.

  • Bamboo


    We believe that sustainable beachwear is the future. Bamboo is our initiative that uses high-quality bio-based eco-materials to create a line of beach towels with the lowest possible environmental impact.

  • Fabric Innovation

    Fabric Innovation

    Our commitment to sustainability begins with prioritizing the safety and durability of our garments. Le Blu has made a conscious choice to adopt rigorous certified controls on the fabrics used in our products to ensure that they not only meet the highest safety standards but also do not cause harm to human health and have a long-term reduced impact on the environment.

  • Responsible Production

    Responsible Production

    We are committed to setting high ethical standards in production and ensuring conscious manufacturing through audits, training, and education. Our commitment is to implement the minimum standards for responsible business conduct.

  • Commitment


    As a global swimwear brand, Le Blu has the responsibility to ensure a positive impact on our staff, the environment, and the communities in which we operate.

  • Environmental Protection

    Environmental Protection

    With a determined approach to sustainability, we aim to make responsible choices in every aspect of our business, including how we design our garments.