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BLB: Beachwear Le Blu

BLB, acronym for Beachwear Le Blu, is the line created in Italy by the Le Blu testing laboratory. Starting from an incessant search for new technologies in the textile sector, we strive to inspire the fashion world with new and revolutionary leaders able to go beyond what already exists.

To achieve this, BLB® fabrics represent our avant-garde, ultra breathable and so soft and lightweight membrane that does not notice its presence on the garments.

BLB, High-Technology Swimwear

Made thanks to the latest innovations, the BLB® collection is making the beachwear world look at the models made by a new perspective.

The costumes made with BLB® technology are the ideal choice for the summer season: light and microscopic fibers establish a new standard of lightness. It is precisely this characteristic that allows us to realize high technological value garments with a smooth texture, perfect to move in total freedom and able to combine glamorous experience and sport innovation.